Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Competence builds confidence, but confidence doesn't necessarily build competence

It's another week of pics from my phone. I've rarely been taking my DSLR out partly because of the weight and partly because I haven't been able to find the time.

I'm finding that carrying camera gear, a gym clothes, a towel, a laptop, and whatever other gadgets I have, I can be toting around 8kg on some days. I'm going to have to find time somehow.

It was Puddles' birthday last week. We don't actually know when his real birthday is because he began life as a stray. I think he cleaned up pretty well. The first two years were him trying to adjust to domesticated life and clawing up everything in the process. The next two he was Mr Independent — doesn't need anyone or anything, except when you're going to feed him.

But this past year, he's been much more vocal than usual and cuddles up to you more frequently. There once was a time where I could only pick him up if I were wearing my motorcycling leathers for fear of being ripped to shreds, but it's not unusual now to pick him up and take him on a tour of areas he can't usually see or smell.

Happy 5th, Puddlet!

Not that you read this. You're a cat.

It was also Jamie's birthday — my ex-housemate and the childhood friend of my girlfriend, Ev. Together they run a blog called Plisherrific which is all about nail polish. Y'know, nail p'lish and terrific? Plisherrific? Anyway, Ev got her a whole bunch of girly nail polish related stuff and drew the above on the little card.

Ev isn't really a Redditor — I think that's just rubbed off from me — so I was pretty surprised to see this.

Remember the "Look lfet" text? Yeah, well they fixed it, much to my disappointment. How will anyone know what to do here?

I'm curious to know if it would be possible to change it back in the middle of the night. If it went unnoticed for so long previously, surely it could do so again? If it happens to magically change in the next few days, just note that it wasn't me.

Trolley. Not just any trolley, but one from the airport. This is on George, near Barlow. That's like 5km from the airport, and even if they took the train, I don't know how they got it on and off the platform and wheeled it down the street.

To be honest, people that steal trolleys from supermarkets and then dump them shit me to tears. Being within walking distance from a shopping centre and a university, we frequently get university students that push a trolley down the street with one or two bags in it, then dump it outside someone else's house to make it less obvious it was them.

I live in a really narrow street where my motorcycle has been knocked down several times and someone has done a hit and run on our car. There's been more than once instance where drunken loonies have decided that riding a trolley down the street has been a swell idea. Ever wonder why your shopping trolleys never track straight?

Then some poor guy has to squeeze a long trailer down the street to pick it up, which by now has been filled with others' trash.

But a trolley from the airport? I'm more amused than anything else.

Not certain what happened here, but an evidence crew from the police were taking photos of this place just next to the pharmacy outside Capitol Square on George. I was hoping I could find out a few more details in the news or through NSW Police, but all seems pretty quiet.

I'm always wondering how different one part of Sydney can be just an hour later. I don't remember the movie, but there's a scene in which a character is killed on what looks like a New York street corner, covering the sidewalk in blood. A little while later, the body is removed, the sidewalk hosed down and people continue walking through unaware that someone had died there just a few hours before.

After all of the hideous rain that we've had, I somehow picked a great day to find myself in The Summit Restaurant in Australia Square.

First of all, Australia Square, the building, is anything but square. It's a freaking cylinder. The plot of land that it's on, sure, but that's the same for most buildings and even ones that have a square-ish cross-section. They'd be more at home being called a square anything.

The second thing? It took me a good 30 minutes before I realised that the restaurant revolves. I was working at the time and had my back to the window while doing my job. It wasn't until it occurred to me that the sun coming in through the window was moving at a freakishly high pace that I realised it wasn't everything else that was moving, it was me.

It would be pretty amazing to get a full 360-degree stitched panorama of Sydney from there, but that's not what I was there for. Perhaps another day in my own time.

Broadway is one of those places that strikes me as a bit quirky. It can be a mix of young professionals, the homeless, university students, hippies, lawyers, academics, drunkards and some combination of all of the above. You would think that this could spell trouble, but somehow everyone gets along.

I see stuff like this and wonder why it hasn't been completely defaced, or how it managed to even get there in the first place. Then, down the road, there's an advertisement that has a woman's face on it that has been defaced and cleaned countless times. Is there a rhyme and reason to any of it? Is it just funnier to draw monobrows?

Anyway, I had to borrow a few pics from Monday to get through this week, which means I'll need to be more on my game over the next few days. I've also begun to wonder. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? I might try experimenting one of these days in 77 seconds.

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  1. you always notice such cool stuff.

    happy birthday puddles!!!!