About Seven In Sydney

I was inspired by the Project 365 idea of taking a photo every day for a year to get out there and take more photos.

The problem is, I think that bar might be just a bit too high for me. Some days of my life are just that boring and I'd rather not have a set of boring photos. That and I don't think I have the discipline to take a photo every day.

So in setting myself up for (moderate) success, I've decided to give myself a whole week to get seven photos in, according to a particular theme..

That didn't work very well.

I ended up fussing about, trying to make everything really pretty. I'm pretty critical of my own work and end up not posting anything that might be just a little off. Combine that with trying to stick to a theme and really it was a recipe for disaster.

So I dropped the themes and have been trying to put up seven, any seven, every single week. Whether they're the completely hopeless photos, pointless ones, blurry, taken on a mobile phone, whatever. If they're a picture and I took them that week, then the seven (if I make it) go up.

Every week is a challenge to just get seven photos, any seven, to this site in any format.

Some weeks are easy, some weeks are hard. I try to update on the first working day of the following week (usually Monday), but occasionally I miss the week altogether.

Will I ever make it to the full 52 weeks? I'm not sure, but my goal isn't just a year, it's really about the journey.

Disclaimer: Views and opinions are mine and do not necessarily represent those of my unmentioned employer(s). Photographs may appear on my employer(s) site or affiliate sites, but are my own. Please contact me for any copyright queries.