Monday, August 23, 2010

Shooting Through Things - Six

IMG_7528.jpg, originally uploaded by Mukimu.

This one would be better suited for a lines theme... but I threw it in anyway.

Technically I'm shooting through stairs, right??

Shooting Through Things - Seven

IMG_7529.jpg, originally uploaded by Mukimu.

And this was scraping the bottom of the barrel.

But I wanted to get seven photos in at least.

Quite a disappointing week. I hope I do better this time around, although it looks to be a busy one.

So... Next week's theme? *cue dramatic IRON CHEF music, smoke and camera zoom!* Space.

Shooting Through Things - Five

IMG_7524.jpg, originally uploaded by Mukimu.

I love pictures that tell a bit of a story.

Even if it's just a little story.

Shooting Through Things - Four

IMG_7522.jpg, originally uploaded by Mukimu.

A so-so shot that could've been made so much better with a little thought.

Maybe next time.

Shooting Through Things - Three

IMG_7519.jpg, originally uploaded by Mukimu.

I messed up this window for this shot. Don't be stealing my prints now!

(In case you can't see, the focus is on a fingerprint on a window I'm shooting through.)

Shooting Through Things - Two

IMG_7514.jpg, originally uploaded by Mukimu.

It's actually quite strange to shoot through a magnifying glass as the focus changes when you move the glass also.

I love how the edge of the glass sort of melts away.

Shooting Through Things - One

IMG_7513.jpg, originally uploaded by Mukimu.

Hard week this one. Got a few nice ones, but mostly duds. Like this one.

It's a wind chime at my parents' place. Didn't really think it through too well.

Reminds me of something I read on someone's blog: "There are no bad photographers, just lazy ones." Don't know whether I agree with it in general, but laziness certainly killed off this shot.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Desaturated - Seven

IMG_7416.jpg, originally uploaded by Mukimu.
Opportunistic shot of the jogger in red. I don't think I quite achieved what I had in mind and he's too far down the frame.

I wanted him to stand out subtly by desatching everything else slightly but without the tell-tale selective colouring.


So ends this week. It's been a busy one as I've been processing photos from Smash (see my set on flickr - and I also went out to the Glebe tram shed with a set of brollies and a cute model. The theme has been a good learning experience, especially in colour correction. They're not top-notch photos, but none of the Seven in Sydney collection are meant to be.

I was sort of afraid I wouldn't have much to use for this week's theme, but it seems it all worked out nicely.

So, next week? Shooting through stuff.

Desaturated - Six

IMG_7413.jpg, originally uploaded by Mukimu.

I actually didn't end up desaturating this one. Apart from a white balance, the colours are as is.

Desaturated - Five

IMG_7411.jpg, originally uploaded by Mukimu.

Couldn't decide what to do with this one.

Desaturated - Four

IMG_7403.jpg, originally uploaded by Mukimu.

Another green-bathed shot. The ambient is going to the magenta side of things.

I can't quite figure out how to get skin tone right, so I've sort of cheated and desatched it.

Desaturated - Three

IMG_7401.jpg, originally uploaded by Mukimu.

There's that pale green overcast that I haven't been able to get rid of, but what you can't see is that the original was completed washed out in green. Those light bulbs are actually all green.

The sign is also green, which is a bit of a tricky task for colour correction.

This isn't perfect, but I'm pretty happy with where it ended up given the original.

Desaturated - Two

IMG_7393.jpg, originally uploaded by Mukimu.

My DSLR brings up red really well. So much so that it's almost painful to the eyes.

Desaturated - One

IMG_7383.jpg, originally uploaded by Mukimu.

One rainy evening, while waiting in the car.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Close, but no cigar!

Well, I missed this week again. I did end up shooting at SMASH!, an anime and manga convention however, so all is not lost.

I did consider that the mobility theme might be a bit hard also. So I'm going to try something easier this week: Desaturation.

It's more of a post-processing thing, but I think I need practice in that area too.