Sunday, June 12, 2011

Candy, a new job and urban messages

I left my old job this week. Going to miss the people there, but I'm also looking forward to some new challenges. I'll be based in the city proper now, so with any luck, I'll have more photos actually from Sydney.

My local park has a lot of these sort of messages. I've shot a number of concrete sculptures here before and I sometimes wander down for a bit of inspiration. I love my suburb. It's only small, but it's full of creatives.

Someone is a wheatbix kid.

Meet Ginger. She's a rescue. My sister took in a whole bunch of kittens that didn't look like they would survive. She's still pretty shy, but when she warms up to you she's all purry. That's Oreo in the background, another rescue. Crazy cat.

If you're ever in Manly, check these guys out (if you can find them!). I walked past them twice before seeing their tiny sign.

Mmmm... Not cheap, but man these were good. Strawberries and cream might be my fave.

Trying my hand at street. I've yet to get it right (if there is a right way of doing it).

Galeries Victoria. I've often wondered why there's only one "L" in Galeries.

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